Anhui promotes the development of the tea industry, so that the tea is fragrant and floating inside and outside the sea.



Recently, it was learned from the General Office of the Anhui Provincial Government that the province will promote the brand of tea and expand the industry. In addition to formulating the production standards for famous teas, it will also establish a traceability system for tea quality and help the rise of leading enterprises in large-scale tea industry. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the province's standardized tea plantation will reach 500,000 mu, and the per capita tea income of tea farmers will double, reaching 3,000 yuan.

26 major producing counties ""

According to the plan, Anhui Province will drive 26 tea producing county tea industries in the five provinces of Huangshan, Xuancheng, Chizhou, Anqing and Lu'an in the mountainous areas of southern Anhui and Dabie Mountains. development of. Among them, the main producing counties of Weinan tea area are Qixian County, Xiuning County, Qimen County, Huangshan District, Qixian County, Huizhou District, Ningguo City, Qi County, Jingde County, Jixi County, Xuanzhou District, Guangde County, Lang Xi County, Dongzhi County, Shitai County, Qingyang County, Guichi District; the main producing counties of Dabie Mountain Tea Area are Jinzhai County, Huoshan County, Yu'an District, Jin'an District, Shucheng County, Yuexi County, Taihu Lake County, Qianshan County, Tongcheng City.

In terms of tea garden infrastructure construction, the province will identify 15 breeding farms (points) and 30 breeding bases of more than 100 mu, undertake demonstration tasks of breeding and improved varieties; transform 300,000 mu of low-yield tea gardens and change trees The “four reforms” measures to change the land, change the park, and change the management mode to improve the benefits of the tea garden. Replanting and replanting inferior tea gardens, developing cloned tea gardens; establishing a 500,000-mu standardized tea plantation. Each year, 100,000 mu of good-quality tea gardens will be built. The five major tea producing cities will choose 8-12 bases with better basic conditions each year, and establish a core demonstration area with more than 200 mu of tea gardens.

"Problem tea" has nowhere to hide

In the future, the four famous teas of Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Monkey, Tuen Mun Black Tea and Lu'an Melon will be planted, managed, harvested, processed, packaged, stored and transported, etc. The series of standards for the link. In addition, relevant departments will also establish and improve tea production monitoring system and tea quality and safety traceability system, implement food production license system in tea enterprises, vigorously promote production knowledge, bar code system and quality certification, "problem tea" will be nowhere .

Anhui Province will also cultivate 14 tea-leading enterprises with over 100 million yuan, cultivate leading domestic and international brands and listed companies, and will vigorously support and develop tea professional cooperatives and industry associations.

Will fight the tea "Li Gui"

Anhui Province will actively encourage tea enterprises to set up franchised stores and chain stores in the sales area, set up counters in supermarkets, hypermarkets and tea specialty stores, develop chain operations, direct supply direct sales, agency distribution and online transactions, and require relevant tea associations to be active. Initiate and organize various forms of Anhui famous tea brand promotion alliance.

It is also an important task for tea to start the brand. The provincial government requires that tea leading enterprises should actively strive to create China's well-known trademarks, Anhui trademarks, Anhui products, and apply for geographical indications and certification marks. The industrial and commercial departments at all levels will crack down on counterfeiting trademark infringement. behavior.