How to make the tea industry bigger and stronger?



The government work report proposes to adjust the agricultural industrial structure and consolidate the development of special aquatic products such as special aquatic products, tea, white lotus, tobacco leaves and stevia. According to the actual situation of the region, on the 21st, the representatives of the delegation of Shangyou County conducted a heated discussion on how to develop the tea specialty industry. How to plant, how to pick, how to make it, how to sell it... The delegates speak freely.

  Chen Youliang, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress, combined with the actual development of his own enterprise, Meishuiyuan Village in Shangyu has decades of planting and sales history, and solved many problems of increasing villagers' income. However, the problem currently faced is that tea brand planning should be carried out. It is necessary to carry out standardization construction, and at the same time to combine tea and tourism, to create a leading industrial brand, so that Zhangzhou tea can improve the quality while selling good prices.

  Chen Youliang’s voice has not fallen. Lai Xiaotong, the representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and secretary of the Shangyu County Party Committee, asked that the development of tea specialty industries, expansion of scale, quality and brand creation are unquestionable. However, what should be done in the standardized production of tea? Lai Xiaotong said that this requires the government, enterprises and relevant departments to seriously consider whether it is possible to lead the first test through leading enterprises. For example, the planting process should be standardized, the picking process should be standardized, and the production and production links should be standardized as well. I don’t know how to get rid of my teeth.

  Yu Yewei, the representative of the Municipal People's Congress and the county magistrate of Shangyu County, put forward different views. He believes that the tea industry can also invite large technicians to teach and promote industrial technology upgrades. However, at the same time, it is necessary to clearly understand that tea is a daily consumer product. The main sales market of Zhangzhou tea is still concentrated in Zhangzhou. This has to consider the actual purchasing power of local people in Zhangzhou. Too expensive will make customers daunting. Therefore, whether the unified standards need such urgent development is open to question. Tea enterprises must have market positioning, and they can take the lead in the market and achieve overtaking in corners through private customization. Through their own development and the survival of the fittest, the tea enterprises have finally created a leading brand and attracted other brands to “hold the thighs”. At this time, standardization will be achieved.

  Wu Zhe, deputy of the Municipal People's Congress and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shangyu County People's Congress, said that the development of tea specialty industries can effectively enhance the use of land such as barren hills. At the same time, we must eliminate the use of herbicides, and encourage innovation to develop tea production techniques with local characteristics. Shangyu Green Tea can also draw on the advantages of other brands of tea to build its own brand.

  Whether the tea sales should use the e-commerce platform, whether or not to speculate, etc. The discussion on how to enlarge and strengthen the tea industry in our city lasted for more than an hour. The delegates actively participated in the discussion and made suggestions. Everyone has a unified view. The tea industry in our city must achieve soaring and gorgeous turn, and the quality should be in place.