There are five kinds of incense in tea. Which kind of fragrance do you smell?



The five levels of tea are the charm of tea. When you first enter the tea door, experience different levels of tea. If you can taste the fifth level, it is a wonderful surprise and memory.

  Water fragrance

  The fragrance of water is the primary tea fragrance, the aroma is light and fluttering, smelling and not drinking.

  For example, when making tea, you can smell the tea fragrance that is emitted in the air, and the lid of the tea bowl. It smells very fragrant, but after the entrance, the tea fragrance can't be drunk, even without any aroma.

  Fragrant water

  Another bit of tea is that the incense can enter the water.

  Tea is still mostly floating on the noodle soup, and some of it is blended into the tea soup. This kind of tea gives people the feeling that it smells very fragrant and tastes fragrant, but there is still a drop, not smelling so fragrant.

  The third layer: the water is fragrant

  The water is fragrant, and the tea fragrance can be smelled both in the tea and in the tea soup. The aroma of the tea soup is full, some of which diverge from the mouth and some of which diverge from the throat.

  Experience the tea fragrance, hold the breath at the entrance of the tea soup, wait until the tea soup is under the throat, the mouth is slightly closed, and the gas slowly exhales from the nasal cavity to feel the source of the tea fragrance.

  The fourth layer: aquatic fragrance

  The good tea, the fragrance of water, the blend of tea and tea soup is extremely high, but it smells slightly fragrant. After drinking, the aroma slowly returns with the back from the throat, which is extremely long lasting.

  Fifth floor: water is fragrant

  The tea is fragrant, the water is fragrant, this kind of tea is a tea with a lot of raw materials, and its tea is rich and rich, and it is integrated with tea soup.

  The tea soup will show a wonderful "chemical sense" with the volatilization of the tea fragrance. Drinking it, there is a wonderful feeling that "the soup is the fragrance, the fragrance is the soup".